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Try accessing the videos from an unrestricted environment.
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What is Entry and Exit Criteria?

Entry Criteria: Entry Criteria gives the prerequisite items that must be completed before Testing can begin.

Exit Criteria: Exit Criteria defines the items that must be completed before testing can be concluded

You have Entry and Exit Criteria for all levels in the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

I am waiting for the next email forever!

Emails are sent in interval of 24 hours. Please plan accordingly.


I just subscribed to Your Project but did not get any email?

Please check your Junk or Spam Mailbox. If you are using gmail, do check the different tabs you may have configured

If all fails... contact us below

I got Day 5,7 email but did not get Day 6 email

Please check your Junk or Spam Mailbox.

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If I got a bug in an application who will decide the severity and priority of a bug?

Severity of defect is determined by the person who identifies the problem (tester), while the priority is determined by the person who is involved in fixing the problem (Developers).

As a tester, you can prioritize the defects which is usually reviewed by the test lead. The developers after analyzing will decide whether it is a high priority or low priority defect. Most of the time, its done by the developer, but the tester can also involve in it to explain its severity. After discussion, leads will come to a conclusion.

Severity is basically related to the functionality of the application or product. While the priority is how immediately developer can fix that bug or defect. Priority is dynamic in nature, and it will change according to the scenario while severity is static in nature.

What will you do if there is no Funct.Spec/any documents related to the system?

  • First try to understand the domain with business analysts or SMEs. Do exploratory testing to understand the system.
  • If the project does not have Business Analyst or SMEs, talk to the people worked on the similar systems.
  • To understand the business talk to the user community
  • Find out similar product specification from internet or PMO
  • Look for the same type of application software and understand the features
  • Look for some important business scenarios, alternative documents, articles for application topics
  • Ask the explanation about all the modules to developers
  • User historical data, application, and features
  • Do not test the application technically, first test your application only from a user perspective

What can a tester do if he finds a show stopping issue on few days before the release?

  • Confirm and re-confirm the defect again and document the bug or defect, the impact and the possible solution, if you can.
  • Bring this to your manager attention and discuss with the Team, since such a show stopper is being unknown to the team a week before its release is not good.
  • Once the defect reaches your manager and higher testing authorities, you might need to put your point infront of them, so be thorough with your point as this could leave an impact on the release.
  • If the discussion supports you, it your time to rise and shine. If not, you have a lesson learnt for the day as a takeaway. Keep Learning.

Why do you choose the field of software quality assurance?

To provide quality projects to end users or client, testing is mandatory, regardless of whatever coding it involves. Software QA not only log the bugs but also provide solutions for those bugs.

In QA field, testers should be aware of the entire functionalities of the application to be tested, this enables him to know about different types of application developed in different Environments even some basic concepts in programming. Knowledge will be wider when we do testing, but it will be narrow while doing programming. A developer might be developing just a small segment of the entire application and may not be aware of the application as a whole. In this case, I felt QA (tester’s) role is more interesting.

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